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About Us

The Wet Sheep began when a daughter (Ronda) asked her mom (Frances) to knit a felted bag pattern that Ronda had come across online. Frances said “OK” and knit the bag for her daughter. This project reminded Frances of how much she loved to knit and she re-connected with her passion. Ronda found more patterns for her mother to knit, but this time Frances was too busy with her own projects. So Ronda learned to knit too and found her own knitting passion. She started designing unique felted purses and hats. Soon mother and daughter were crafting their own knitted and felted bags and hats and people wanted to buy the amazing accessories the pair created. That’s how The Wet Sheep was born.

All our Wet Sheep bags are knit by hand and then felted to create a wonderful, sturdy fabric. The purses created using this felting process are light weight and easy care. We use mostly wool and other animal fibers, such as mohair and alpaca. We don’t line our purses because it’s really unnecessary with a felted wool purse. Lining adds needless weight to your bag and makes it difficult to clean. Treat your unique handbag like a fine wool sweater: hand wash in cool water and block to dry.