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How do you make this stuff?

The Wet Sheep knits (yes, really! it's knitted!) all of our items using new wool. We then use a process called "fulling", which results in a non-woven fabric of unusual sturdiness, water resistance, and wind resistance. You may also know this process by the term "felting". Modern fulling is an example of how the fibers bond together when combined with the movement of the washing machine, the heat of the water, and the addition of soap.

Humans have been felting wool for centuries. Archaeologists have found felt garments, tents, shoes, and other products in European excavations. The fact that the fabric is able to endure for centuries shows how strong a piece of felted fabric can be.

I want one of your bags, but I want it in a different color and a little bit taller and I want the flower to be a primrose. Will you make it for me?

Uh, no. We do take special orders, but only for our own styles, in our own colors, using our own flowers. It takes a great deal of time and effort to create knitted items that look great after fulling. It's not easy to make changes, even small ones like making something a little bigger or using a different yarn. Contact us and we'll let you know if we can make what you want.